Restaurant MiYa-Vie

オーナーシェフ 横須賀 雅明

Personal History

year age periode event
1972 誕生

Born in Saitama prefecture.

1988 14 将来フランス料理の道へ行くこと、フランスに行くことを決意

Made up my mind to start down the path of French cuisine and go to France in the future.

1989 16 埼玉県立越谷総合技術高等学校・食物調理科入学

Enrolled in the culinary department of Saitama Prefectural Koshigaya Comprehensive Technical Upper Secondary School.

1990 17 フランス語学校 アテネフランセにてフランス語を勉強

Studied French at Athenee France, a French language school.

1991 18 5年半

5 and a half years


Joined Hotel Okura Co.,Ltd. Worked in a banquet cooking department and a terrace restaurant.

1997 24 計5年

5 years in total


Went to France.


10 months

Auberge et Clos des Cimes 2ツ星(ミシュラン)2005年より3ツ星
Demi chef de partie(副部門長)
冬の間、Regis MARCONの助手として

Worked as Deputy Head of Department in Auberge et Clos des Cimes which was two-Michelin-starred (Won three stars in Michelin Guide France 2005).Traveled to Japan for two weeks to support Regis MARCON as his assistant in the demonstration in Nagoya and Tokyo and a fair at Shinagawa Pacific Hotel.

25 1ヶ月

1 month

Restaurant Cote-Rotie 15点(ゴー・エ・ミーヨ)
Chef de Partie(部門長)

Worked as Head of Department in Restaurant Cote-Rotie which scored 15 points on Gault & Millau.

1998 26 2ヶ月

2 months

Restaurant Chabichou 2ツ星(ミシュラン)
Chef de Partie(部門長)

Worked as Head of Department in Restaurant Chabichou which is two-Michelin-starred.


10 months

Auberge et Clos des Cimes 2ツ星(ミシュラン)2005年より3ツ星
Second de Patisserie(副菓子部門長) 1997年にAuberge et Clos des Cimesで知り合った
Alexandre BOURDASとChateau de SULLYを任される。
その年のl’espoire de l’annee(未来の若きシェフ)に
Alexandre BOURDASが選ばれる。
bottin gourmantの年鑑誌
菓子職人の中にChateau de SULLYのスーシェフとして記載される。

Worked as Deputy Head of Patisserie Department in Auberge et Clos des Cimes which was two-Michelin-starred (Won three stars in Michelin Guide France 2005). Managed Chateau de SULLY with Alexandre BOURDAS who I met at Auberge et Clos des Cimes in 1997.
Chateau de SULLY kept one-Michelin-starred in the first year. In the second year, it was featured in Gault & Millau with 16 points for the first time in France, and Alexander became “ l’espoire de l’annee “, a promising-young chef of the year. I was also featured as sous chef of Chateau de SULLY among a number of chefs, sous chefs and pastry chefs in France from 2001 to 2002.

2002 29 4

4 years

(株)ウィンザーホテル洞爺 リゾート&スパ内
Michel BRAS Toya Japon
Chef de Cuisine(日本人料理長) Alexandre BOURDAS,Michel BRASの誘いを受け、
ミシェルブラス トーヤ ジャポンに日本人料理長として
2年目、ミシェルブラス トーヤ ジャポンが

Joined Michel BRAS Toya Japon( its main store is three-Michelin-starred) in The Windsor Hotel TOYA Resort & Spa and worked as Japanese chef.
Michel BRAS and Alexandre BOURDAS recommended me to be in charge of the Japanese chef of Michel BRAS Toya Japon, which was the first branch store of Michel BRAS, and engaged with the opening of the restaurant.
Michel BRAS Toya Japon was chosen as one of the best 10 French restaurants outside of France in an American restaurant guide.

2006 34 7ヶ月

7 months

有限会社 ガルス Le Clos (1ヶ月) BLANC(6ヶ月)

Worked at Gallus Le Clos L.L.C for 1 month and BLANC for 6 months.
I made up my mind to settle in Sapporo and open my own restaurant.Preparing for opening, I learned about the situation of restaurants in Sapporo at Gallus Le Clos L.L.C.

2007 35 Restaurant MiYa-Vie 開業

Opened Restaurant MiYa-Vie.

2011 39 函館で開催される世界料理学会へ

Participated in the World Cuisine Conference held in Hakodate.
I joined the World Cuisine Conference and gave presentations 6 times in a row from 2011.

2012 40 Muséeの石井シェフ Sioの佐藤シェフとともに、札幌ガストロノミー立ち上げ,コラボディナーを行う
東京 浅草にあるフレンチレストランオマージュとの2回コラボを成功させる。
京橋にある老舗フレンチ カストールにてミヤヴィフェアーを2回行う
フランス オンフルール ミシュラン2つ星”SaQuaNa”にてミヤヴィフェアーを行う

Established Sapporo Gastronomy and delivered the collaboration dinner with Mr.Ishii (chef of Le Musee) and Mr.Sato (chef of sio).
Won one star in Michelin Guide Hokkaido. Made successful collaborations with French Restaurant HOMMAGE which is located in Asakusa twice. Conducted MiYa-Vie Fair at CASTOR, a French restaurant in Kyobashi twice.Conducted MiYa-Vie Fair at saQuaNa, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Honfleur, France.

2015 43 函館のフレンチ ルクリマとコラボディナーを成功させる

Made a successful collaboration dinner with Le climat HAKODATE.

2016 44 有田焼400年を記念して開催された世界料理学会inARITAに参加する

Engaged in the World Cuisine Conference in ARITA in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Arita ware.

2017 45 ミシュラン北海道にて1つ星を獲得

Won one star in Michelin Guide Hokkaido.